Friday, March 27, 2009

150cc Bikes in Indian Scenario

India is famous for tiny engine bikes all around the world. But now world's Leader in Twin spark Engine(Bajaj) and world's one of the prestigious automobile company(Enfield) are sprouted only in India.

Recent improvements in the Indian Bike industry of India is abnormal and it had helped our economy in its own way.

150cc bikes in India plays the major segment in bikes sales compared to 100c bikes now a days. Kudos to the Hero Honda CBZ which initiated the 150 cc market.

HeroHonda CBZ was followed by Suzuki Fiero and the Revolutionary Bajaj Pulsar which started occupying entire market itself. The competition between Bajaj Pulsar and the CBZ was unforgettable. We can see frequent tracks between these two bikes always on the roads.( I am mentioning only about the successful models up to my limited knowledge)

Suzuki unable to compete with sales of pulsar soon withdrew it name and TVS Fiero came in the market which too was more unsuccessful.

This was the time when Wing Bike the Honda Unicorn entered the market. As soon as it entered the markets it started grabbing all Bike enthusiasts. This made our Indian Bikes 150 segment to refine. Bajaj entered into competition with Unicorn with its DTSi - Digital Twin Spark Ignition engine. Hero Honda Introduced CBZ* which was an Utter flop since they didnt innovate anything properly in that.

Then the TVS who lost his market in150 cc segment wanted to regain its market by Apache which started to boom in sales. So Apache got a good name in 150cc bikes.

Looking at the Tough competition and Recommendation for a Super Sports Bike in150cc segment HeroHonda introduced its CBZ Xtreme. A wonderful ad powerful bike from the HeroHonda company. Before every one could turn towards CBZ Xtreme, Bajaj Pulsar released its Digital Pulsar - Pulsar with Most electronic components. which made CBZ to be silent. Also the Pulsar's Engine was upgraded to the powqer of the new CBZ Xtreme.

Following Digital Pulsar TVS rleased Digital Apache with a new brand Apache RTR160 with stunning looks and style.

In the Recent months 150cc segment has more healthier competition.

The Yamaha's R15, FZ150 and Suzuki's GS150R has entered which has proved excellent performance compared to other 150cc bikes in India.

The Bikes that are Expected to come are:
Honda CBR150
Discover 150DTSi

Lets Expect these Heroes to come and Rock our Bike Industry.

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