Friday, February 5, 2010

Best 100cc Bike - Performance

As discussed, 100cc segment bikes with the Economy its clear. Now considering the performance the order will be shuffled.

The Performance here will refer to the Top speed, Pickup and stability of the bike. Also the price would be analyzed.

We already know the details of the 100cc segment bikes that are going to be considered in my previous post. so let me get directly into the focus.

In terms of Higher cubic capacity and Higher output power and torque, Honda CB Twister gets the first position. Its unique engine design was built such that there is only less vibrations even when the bike is above 70Kmph of speed. the bike's price was just 42K (ex-Showroom - Chennai)

Followed to Honda Bajaj Platina comes to rule, with 99.3 cc engine , the bike gives out amazing output power and torque. The wonderful thing is that the bike is very cheap less than 40K and crossed 1Lac mark for the company within 2 months of time after its release to the market.

Yamaha Libero G5 occupies the third position, even the though the data were lower, because of the bigger engine capacity, the bike gives comfortable performance at higher speeds. The price is also placed at (42K to 45K) which is quite affordable

Next comes Passion Pro, Discover and TVS Star. Discover and Passion pro easily defeat TVS Star in all means but not in the consistency. Passion Pro which was the upgraded engine failed in terms of controlling noise. Where as TVS Star with its ability to control noise even above 70Kmph. Discover also loses to TVS Star in this fact. But Discover defeats both the bikes with its top speed which is obtained as a result of its better aerodynamics.

So this is the Order for Performance:
  1. CB Twister
  2. Platina
  3. Libero G5
  4. Passion Pro
  5. Discover
  6. TVS Star
So the award for
Best performing 100cc segment Bike is Honda CB Twister:


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