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Friday, August 14, 2015

Hero ZIR vs Honda PCX - Clash of 150cc Titans

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TVS Jupiter - Is it really big in features?

Finally a competent scooter from TVS competing with Honda and Suzuki. Before starting with details about this scooter, we shall learn few technical terms.

Honda activa, Suzuki access and Jupiter are actually variomatic scooters (Well they have a  automatic transmission engines) so what is different? Unlike our regular Gear transmission we step up the gears to switch to higher gears. Where as these variomatic transmission scooters there is no such steps instead the single gear itself continuously moves to reflect our multiple gear vehicles.

Well with this knowledge about transmission, let's see what this vehicle has got?

  • Engine Capacity: 110cc engine
  • Output Power: 7.88bhp @7500rpm
  • Torque: 8nm @5500rpm

Woah... wait!!! Isn't it the same package that came with Wego??? Yes, it is the marketing strategy to bring in a scooter which is just a cosmetic remake of Wego. So what can we say, has it overtaken Wego - of course yes! This one is the better version of Wego. Is it better than Activa and Access and the answer is No. Activa and Access has the same position above Jupiter.

Mileage claimed to be 62Kmpl (Honestly? TVS???)

Expect ~50Kmpl on highways and ~45 on city roads - Thanks to a very well improved CVT transmission the vehicle seems to much more smoother compared to Wego.

"Bike of the Year 2013" - Is it really true? Hmm... not sure. From the real performance perspective pretty skeptical. TVS still has many places to improve especially interms of providing features.

5 years warranty and 1hr service guarantees is pretty impressive however from the scooter's perspective this is not something new.

Not the same line, we need something new, something innovative... Like how Apache entered sports bike market bring something new. All the best TVS!!!

Over all Rating :7/10

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