Friday, June 12, 2009

Best 150cc bike in India - Speed and Mileage combination

The Indian bikes are mainly concentrated on Mileage bikes because of the ever increasing fuel price. Only the bikes with good mileage gets success in the Market.

With the Mileage on the other side, the Indian current youth generation concentrate more on the speed. This era created after the Pulsar created a demand for high speed bikes in India and this thirst was not yet satisfied completely.

That is why, I too wanted to compare the mileage and speed of the bikes to know which bike is better, in terms of the better combination of the both.

The First rank for the best mileage goes to Bajaj Pulsar. Pulsar provides a best ever mileage of 62Kmpl, under optimum speed of 55Kmph to 65Kmph and the worst case was 55Kmpl, under speed conditions of above 85Kmph. Pulsar 150 also provides the Top Speed of 115Kmph which get the Fourth Rank for Top Speed.

The Second Rank for the Best mileage will be shared by Honda Unicorn and Suzuki GS150R.

Unicorn provides better mileage as good as pulsar giving 60Kmpl under Optimum speed of 55Kmph to 65Kmph and the worst case for the speed conditions of above 85Kmph was 53Kmpl. Unicorn failed to stand in the Top speed with just Top Speed of 105Kmph stands behind the other 150cc bikes.

Suzuki GS150R provides the same mileage as Unicorn but not constant all the times. The bikes mileage differs even on the slight changes in the rpm of the bike. But the mileage of 59-60Kmpl can be achieved at the Optimum speed of 60Kmph to 70Kmph because of its 6th Gear. Also the Mileage is more than 50Kmpl even at speeds more than 95Kmph. The GS150R lies in a safer position with 120Kmph - second highest speed in 150cc bikes. But i have done 123Kmph with it (not sure about speedometer errors).

The Third Rank for the Best mileage goes to Apace RTR 160 providing a better mileage of 48Kmpl at Optimum speed of 50Kmph to 60Kmph. the worst case is 38Kmpl for the speed conditions of above 75Kmph. The top speed is the most satisfactory and Apache does 120Kmph as the top speed.

The Fourth Rank was occupied by the CBZ Xtreme with an average mileage of 46Kmpl at optimum speed between 55Kmph to 70Kmph(most probably 65Kmph). The Bike does a top speed of 110Kmph. The weight and Height is the negative factor that affect the bike's mileage. The worst case mileage is not too bad with the bike providing 42kmpl fir the speed conditions above 85Kmph.

The Last but not the least, the Fifth position was occupied by the Yamaha FZ-S with an average mileage of 43Kmpl at optimum speed between 50Kmph to 60Kmph. The worst case for the mileage is too bad such that it can provide just 35Kmpl at speed conditions of above 80Kmph. The Top Speed of the bike is ultimate and it does 125Kmph actually but company says 132Kmph( lies!!!), which is occupying the first position.

So the Best Speed and Mileage Award goes to:
  1. Suzuki GS150R - 59Kmpl - 120Kmph
  2. Bajaj Pulsar - 62Kmpl - 113Kmph
  3. Apache RTR160 - 48Kmpl - 120Kmph
  4. Honda Unicorn - 60Kmpl - 105Kmph
  5. Yamaha FZ-S - 43Kmpl - 125Kmph
  6. Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme - 46Kmpl - 110Kmph

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