Friday, May 8, 2009

FZ-S: Modified FZ-16

The New Yamaha FZ-S, is nothing but the modified Yamaha FZ-16. Th major draw backs of the very naked bike has been rectified in the new FZ-S.

FZ16 lacked nothing except the colors. The FZ-S is fresh and came in two bright colors which makes FZ to a step above, other than that the bike has the same Macho and Muscular style from FZ-16.

The Changes made in FZ-S are:
  1. New colors and Graphics
  2. Wind Shield
  3. Meter console (carbon pattern)
  4. Aggressive headlight
  1. Displacement: 153cc
  2. Engine Type: 4-Stroke, SOHC
  3. Output Power: 14bhp @7000rpm
  4. Engine Torque : 13.5nm @6500rpm
  5. Gear : 5 Speed
  6. Tank Capacity: 12Ltrs
  7. Weight: 126Kgs
  1. Always Macho and Muscular
  2. Excellent top speed of 132Kmph
  3. Lesser price @ 68000.Rs
  1. 90% similar to FZ-16
  2. Poor mileage
  3. Lesser Pickup

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