Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Best 100cc segment Bike - Economy

It gives me immense pleasure to make a review about the 100cc bike segment which is in matured stage (moreover we can call it is in Declining stage) which ruled the Motorcycle segment since 1986 and retained for nearly two decades.

Even now the craze for 100cc bikes has not been reduced that much among the commuters who expect mileage and comfortable riding.

Ooh!!! still the tiny engines has a separate market in India according to foreigners. but we could proudly say even with a tiny engine we enjoy a lot in terms of performance too which has been a special point in the current market situation.

Lets get into our comparison:

The Top bike manufacturers in the 100cc segment are HeroHonda followed by Bajaj, TVS, Yamaha and Honda

Hero Honda with its Passion Pro (latest version of 100cc bike) now leads the sales as well as the sturdiness of the bike makes its to be more economic. The Bikes output power and Torque are more satisfactory and ensures that it is worthy to be praised as a good bike.

Next comes Bajaj Discover 100cc (over taking its predecessor Platina in terms of mileage and gets the next position). The Discover even though built for mileage and ensure top end mileage, the bike also carries a powerful engine which makes the bike fastest in 100cc bikes.

Then comes the TVS Star winning almost in every aspects good mileage, Good performance, Good looks, etc... But the only thing is it has bigger tanks which is also a pros when we speak about traveling long distances.

Yamaha with its Libero G5 and Alba, the same engine in different dresses. Even though the engine size is bigger compared to other bikes, the output power and torque are less comparatively. also it has the heaviest bike category (ranging from 125 to 132kgs)

Honda CB Twister latest launch from Honda. The bike easily wins the other bikes in terms of Top Speed, Pickup and Styling etc...

So in terms of Best torque(Pickup), the order of the bikes falls like this:
  1. CBTwister - 109cc - 9nm @6000rpm
  2. Platina - 99.3cc - 8.1nm @4500rpm
  3. Passion Pro - 97.2cc - 8.05nm @4500rpm
  4. Discover - 94.3cc - 7.85nm @5000rpm
  5. Yamaha G5 - 106cc - 7.85nm @6000rpm
  6. TVS Star - 99.7cc - 7.5nm @5000rpm
Even though the torque was best in bikes, the engine cubic capacity has to be considered for the mileage. So from the Engine Capacity is inversely proportional to mileage and Engine torque at lower rpm is directly proportional to mileage.'

So in the Mileage concept, the Beat bikes order will be:
  1. Discover - Smallest Engine, Lesser weight but with better torque (Best Mileage = 85kmpl+)
  2. Passion Pro - Upgraded engine with carefully designed for torque (Best Mileage = 80kmpl+)
  3. Platina - Second best torque produced, the bike's design ensures free flow travel with then bike (Best Mileage = 80kmpl+)
  4. CB Twister - Topper in Torque, but engine cc is bigger hence mileage = 75kmpl+)
  5. TVS Star - All time star - strong performance (Best Mileage =75kmpl +)
  6. Yamaha G5 - Best Mileage (70kmpl +)
The Economic 100cc Bike award goes to Discover 100


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